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03:18am 08/03/2005
05:02am 02/01/2005
mood: bored
Now there's only a few good GMs left.


Ah well. Congrats to Aldryd.
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01:14am 31/10/2004
mood: bored
I hate..how people post on the forums.

Fake. It's all fake.

They're pissed. They hate a quest.

Only a few of them actually ever have the balls to tell the truth. And when they do, liars pounce on them for doing it.

"omgz ur so men. teh gaem is greasta!!1"

Shut up and face the facts.

If you don't like something, don't just sit there and go, "Well at least it was something."

Nothing is ever going to change unless people fucking speak up.

Don't coddle the staff or other players. If they suck at something, they're never going to know to change it unless you call them on it.

Not like, "omfgz u sux, y u nawt sel detraum lower price?"

Constructive criticism.

Don't play at something.

It annoys the fuck out of me that people complain all the time when they want something, yet refuse to tell staff when they've done something subpar.

they aren't mind readers. Nobody is.

Roll over everytime something disappoints you or makes you mad, it makes it easier for people to walk all over you.

Sher out /gawi
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01:10am 30/10/2004
mood: bored
Get some new fucking ideas.

Daemons night=pass.
10:08pm 04/10/2004
mood: amused
This isn't a rant, actually.


/end public service announcement.
Surprise, you suck :D 
10:21pm 03/10/2004
mood: amused
> Keraah tickles the Goblin Scout.
> Kryn says, "I know that"
> Samkathran says, "darn, was hoping it was one of those not-loyal ones"
> Kryn tried to parry the Goblin Scout.
> act gawks at Keraah
Amalythia gawks at Keraah.
> You say: "Do you have some mental deficiency or something?" aloud to Keraah.
> Kailon says to you, "What's that all about?".

> > Erkin vanishes in a puff of smoke.
> Keraah says to you, "Perhaps I do.".
You say: "One doesn't normally see people groping random goblins." aloud to
You say, "Especially not one eluding capture."
> Kailon says to you, "The only one I saw doing that was the ranger".

Rofl. HAY GUIES. LET'S TICKLE ALL THE SCOUTS UNTIL THEY FALL OVER AND SURRENDER. Nevermind that they're battlehardened goblins.

I seriously HATE when people do stupid shit like that. I hope she got a penalty for it.
01:06am 28/09/2004
  A big round of applause for Kailon, for giving me the reason I needed to switch entirely to Ragnarok Online.

The way the character is a total slutwhore, I'm in awe of the prowess.

Edit: Nevermind..I found something else to occupy me.


07:32pm 23/09/2004

I wish I had a fucking bard so I could vote.

Mari > everyone else.
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Game time 
04:35am 15/09/2004
mood: blah
Let's play spot what's so hilarious about this description:

You see a Black Dragon.
You are 'out of character'. Use the 'ooc' command to switch modes.

> l bla

You see a Black Dragon, giant, twenty-third level.
She's beautiful, with scales cut out of the stuff of night...
She is standing beside you.
She appears to be magical!


Here's mine:

You see Amalythia the young, elven, priestess
She's really pretty, with a body chiseled from elfs.


> > appeal ooc The description of the black dragon in the ooc lounge made me laugh.
Your appeal has been sent and logged. If a GM is available, they will be with you as soon as possible.
05:14pm 26/08/2004
mood: amused
> Monique's Apprentice's Aura flares up, blocking Kyorl's touch of death..
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Whoa yeah, an explanation. 
05:42pm 16/08/2004
mood: Rent-ey
Okay, I don't even know if anyone reads this anymore, but it's come to my attention lately that things haven't quite been as I've seen them.

So I figured I'd put an explanation of my behavior here. Why I left, why I came back an asshole, why I've been so snarky, all that. Why I changed.

Let me just say, it's a hard stigma to come back and be TOLD that you're hated by everyone by someone you once considered your friend. See what I'm saying? It's another to be a total bitch to everyone you once considered a friend, then find out that what you thought was wrong. Boy is my face a little red, but really, I have an excuse.

Well, not really.

So anyway, I guess my point is that I'm sorry for how much of a bitch I've been on/around/concerning Nexus lately. I dunno if anyone will read this, or if anyone cares. But yeah, if you want to talk to me, talk.

Yeah. Just sorry.

"No other course, no other way, no day but today."
05:46pm 03/08/2004
mood: annoyed
If your name is Jenn, and you're reading this, then you should probably go play RO right now, because the GMs are implimenting double drop rates.

And finish getting your damn RO diary.

Check it out. I'm pimping RO in my own Nexus community.


pimpimpimpimpfomg I'm changing this entry because it was taken caaare of but now I can never get back to 15thhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Jamie will probly be maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad but she's just jealous because she didn't install RO all the way. Try again try again try again.

bored bored bored bored maintenance on Ro bored bored bored bored BORED and an anolian killed me earlier today.


04:16pm 21/07/2004
mood: confused
> ### Gimley: Anyone wanna buy a robe, bit used, but looks nice?
> who

You sense the presence of fifteen other beings (Tiers 1-25):

Zepher, the Rogue.
Kivrin, the Scout.
Smoke, the Shadow Warrior, and Keeper of the Vine.
Adhemar, the Holy Warrior. / [idle 23m] / [AFK] / [OOC]
Faeryl, the Wizardress. / [idle 2m]
Neci, the Cavalier.
Darlic, the Adept.
Anwer, the Arch-Wizard.
Zelas, the Wizardress.
Lalonde, the Mage.
Owlin, the Warrior.
Wrenon, the Muse.
Sleeth, the Nightblade.
Abolec, the Skald.
Elycris, the Peasant.
Gandor, the Nightblade.

The HELL??? o.O
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03:30pm 18/07/2004
mood: depressed
I need Zelas evil again! HELP!!
I need to get her eyesight back. Like woah.

TabooPhantasy: I'm like one of those old vets on the streets of DC...
TabooPhantasy: I just need a sign from ripped cardboard now
Atenegar: And a hat for people to put change in
Atenegar: A harmonica too
TabooPhantasy: She's got a tambourine
TabooPhantasy: OMG
TabooPhantasy: x.X
TabooPhantasy: That's terrible
TabooPhantasy: She really IS like a bum
Atenegar: If she were a man, she'd have a constant five o'clock shadow
TabooPhantasy: Ugh
TabooPhantasy: This is just depressing
Atenegar: Really might want to consider a change of course then
TabooPhantasy: Yeah..
06:34am 18/07/2004
mood: crushed
The worst insult of all always comes from a friend when they think it's behind your back.

I feel like shit. I did something nice for someone I thought was a friend only to be insulted by them later.

That isn't cool. I don't care how much my enemies insult me, but damn, that shit fucking hurts.

I feel reduced to the size of a fingernail.

I had to get it off my chest before I went to bed.

You can slam me with penalties, fine. My enemies can talk shit about me, fine. I can die a jillion times and keep going back.

But when you betray my trust..It just hurts.

No reason to go back now.
What happened last night. 
01:59pm 17/07/2004
mood: awake
Ma'ddas showed up. They killed all the guards at the gates. He taunted the people in Nexus for not standing up for their fellow citizens.

Bailey and I pulled a Thelma and Louise and went out to fight. Naturally, we got our asses kicked by a warlord, 10 warriors, and a sniper. I lost 15th, but didn't passage because I was worried I would die again.

Velothi and Verile show up and take over. They form a group to fight. Velothi instructs Kailon to lead a second group to the now besieged south gates. Kailon agrees, takes us to the square, then tells everyone we're not fighting.

.....Meanwhile Velothi's group is out there beating down a warlord, with an ancient green on their backs.

And Ma'ddas ANNOUNCES, ACTUALLY ANNOUNCES that all his forces aren't even there yet and that the groups at the gates are waiting for reinforcements. And Kailon says he's not fighting, because too many will die.

First off, the only people that died last night were Bailey, Anwer and I. Bailey and my first death was definately intentional, but the second one with the dragon with a dragon was Caine's fault. (He dragged the dragon's attention to the back, where we got a breath attack and got slammed) The other deaths were the nexus gate guardsmen.

And how the hell can a guy who dies so damn often just hunting not want to go out and fight when it actually means something? Damn.

The guards at the south gates fight and start dying (that's who all the bells were). I wait there, and I'm pissed. Kailon keeps sending me about how all the deaths are my fault, as if I ordered everyone in Nexus to take a stand. Uh huh. I have that kind of power.

The fighting group regroups, and I go with them. Fighting outside the east gates, and things were going well, until you-know-who moved and the dragon breathed Anwer and I into oblivion. I'm sure he passaged, but that's two deaths for me. I'm not getting back to 15th. *thumbs up*

I try to get Velikriss to come fight, but he tells me that Kailon ordered everyone in the city not to attack. ...Mmmmyep. We're supposed to sit and wait around for more goblins to arrive.

I'm seriously sick of people thinking that no quests can be done unless there's a warlord fighting on your side. People complain often enough about high tiers, then cower behind them when something serious happens. Suck it up and accept the fact that you might have to die in order to win. I'm the one who lost 15th, fucking pansies.

Anyway, we kill the group at the east gates and head south. (All the while I'm still getting the looooooooovely sends from my best buddy) We go out and fight, and it's a much easier battle. The guards actually start fighting with us, which is pretty badass to see. We win, of course, and the goblins pull back.

I left most of my stuff on my two corpses at the east gates (my two detraum devices and my gold, figured it wouldn't be best to grab them when I should be running to the south gates) and I come to find out there's a fucking looter looting the corpses. All mine and Bailey's shit is gone. (Glad I grabbed my freakin' clothes and rings)

So I appeal to Velikriss to talk to Minsc about Kailon. He refuses because he says he wasn't there and it's not his business.

What the fuck. When is what happened to the rangers guild going to happen to the fighters guild?

So let's recap. 2 deaths and most of my stuff gone. No, I didn't get any exp from the battles, I was too busy healing. (It happens) But we still won. Was it worth it for me? Hell no. I should have just listened to Kailon and cowered in Kalim's with everyone else. Let someone else die.

What kills me the most is that even I could blatently TELL that the GM toned the quest down. TONED IT DOWN and people still refused to fight. Nexus is so going to fall, because there's nobody willing to actually fight for it when the time comes. Everyone TAUNTS LIKE HELL behind the gates, but they never actually put any power behind it.

God damn.

Now that I've ranted, I feel a little bit better. I often wonder to myself why I even bother playing on something I don't even get a reward out of. I should have learned my lesson with Raptos.

Rest assured, it won't happen again.
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07:00pm 14/07/2004
mood: entertained
So, Tviste has apparently told Cath that Caine and Leena did it while he was gone.

> Tviste says to you, "I saw you, no need to lie to this man, is it not enough that you bedded caine, do you have to lie to him now too?".
> Tviste says, "I have spoken no lies"
Leena stares in disbelief, "Caine..??".
Tviste says, "I have spoken the truth,and as I suspected, everyone hates me now"
> Tviste sighs.
Leena blinks, "Caine?!".
Leena bursts out laughing.
> > Cath sets Janus down.
> Cath removed Janus.
> Tviste says, "I would see this as no laughing matter"
Leena continues laughing loudly and tears begin falling down her cheeks,
> > Cath hands a wooden sword to Janus, taking up a stick of his own and playfully sparring with him.
> > > Cath glances over to Leena and Tviste occassionally, his ears perk to attention.
Leena falls over into a pile of snow. She grips her sides as she shakes with laughter, "Oh! Oh stop!".
> Tviste says to Cath, "I shall deal with this no further, tis always like this, I tell someone the truth, and they spit at me".
You exclaim, "It HURTS!!"
> > Tviste eyes Leena with disdain, "quite the show you are putting up".
> ### Wolfmoon the Minstrel has just entered the realms.
Wolfmoon just arrived.
Leena rolls over in the snow and gasps for breath.
> Tviste asks, "quite amusing, is it not?"
> Tviste sighs.
Leena pants, "Oh..oh my..I haven't laughed that much in years..".
> Tviste takes a seat on the steps, shaking his head.
Leena wipes her cheeks off and takes in a few deep breaths.
> > Wolfmoon grins.
You say, "Oh..okay..I'm good now..""
Leena bites her bottom lip to try and hold her laughter in.
> > Tviste asks, "surely, you squirmed as much when Caine was holding you?"
> Tviste spits on the ground, looking disgusted.
> > > Samkathran says, "you know, she finds it funny, but I don't like to think about Caine is such situations..."
> Samkathran says, out of character, "in such*"
> Wolfmoon leaves west.
Leena clears her throat and wipes another tear from her face.
> Cath says to Samkathran, "Me either".
> You say, "That is probably the most redciluous thing I have -ever- heard"
> > Cath shakes his hand as Janus whacks his fingers.
You say, out of character, "*loses points for poor spelling*"
> Tviste says to Cath, "I hope you talk to this caine and tell him he should not touch your woman".
Leena sighs and shakes her head, "Absurd...".
> > Tviste starts walking east, looking around.
> Leena claps a hand over her mouth to keep her laughter in.
Leena shakes with silent laughter as she shakes her head.
02:06am 24/06/2004
mood: cranky
Dear Verile,


With much hate,

And WHY is it when I was RPing with Kathryn today and she mentioned her and Deri being together I got this surge of immense anger? THAT'S NOT RIGHT!!!
I'm so confused..
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05:08pm 02/03/2004
mood: bored
So, this dude comes into the office today. He is looking really pissed and he is demanding as hell, like he owns the place. He starts yelling at me, and demanding that he wants too look at our archives, cause his wife has been sending money to people he doesnt know...I tell him calmly that I cant show him those files, that they are classified. the dude gets really angry and starts yelling at me and callin me shit.
I stare at him and go "its very simple sir, i cant show you anything that isnt yours, alright? I cant help you, now calm yourself or get out of here." The guy got really excited now, and my boss came out and told the douche that he could get the hell out of here if he didnt like it.

this dudes wife did send money to her family in Marocco, money that she had earned, and this guy gets pissed about it. I pity the wife. Controll freaks are the worst.
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02:45pm 27/02/2004
  post here to be considered for an invite to join the community.

simple as that.
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